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Open Thread: Super Sports Sunday (Go Broncos!)

Just because the Bengals are off this week doesn't mean you can't enjoy one heck of a weekend. Did you see Oregon take it to USC? Are you rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies to beat those hated New York Yankees? In the NFL, there's games of interest. Most notable, the Baltimore Ravens host the Denver Broncos. Brett Favre and the Vikings return to Green Bay. Six of the games this weekend are divisional match-ups. If you're in Cincinnati, our games look like this.

CBS Early Game - Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens
Fox Early Game - San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts
Fox Late Game - Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Not a bad schedule, eh? Find your schedule here.

Other sporting events today includes Game Four of the World Series. The NASCAR Sprint Cup series at Talladega. Then there's NBA and NHL action.

So what is this? This is an all-day open thread for all things sports -- mostly NFL, but who cares. It's our off-week so let's make it a sports day.