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Question of the Day: Maurice Purify or Jerome Simpson?

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The interesting unknown this week is whether the team will activate Jerome Simpson or bring up Maurice Purify from the practice squad to replace Chris Henry. One receiver thinks he has a shot, if not actually expecting it, while the other is hoping his time has come.

Maurice Purify: “It’s going to feel great (whenever I get the call),” Purify said. “I’ve been waiting for it for two years. I think I was game ready since Week 1 or Week 2. It’s about time I get a chance, if I get the chance. I’m still in a situation that a lot of people want to be in.”

Then read this blurb on Chick Ludwig's blog.

In the wake of Chris Henry’s season-ending injury (fractured left forearm), this has to be Simpson’s time, right?

“Nah,” Simpson said. “It still ain’t. Maybe I’ll get some more reps. It’s up to the coaches.”

I didn’t sense anger or frustration from Simpson. Only resolve. I looked him in the eye and asked, “How much does this opportunity mean to you.”

Simpson looked me in the eye and answered, “It means my life. This is my life. But you’ve got to roll with the cards and how the cards are dealt. I’ve just got to keep working hard and do what I always do. Just keep learning to play and keep opening up eyes every day.”

But Purify thinks that Palmer's endorsement last week helped his cause. “What Carson said was a big deal,” Purify said. “I appreciate that from him that he trusts me and is willing to step up front and say something like that about somebody.”

So if you make the call, who do you replace Chris Henry with? Jerome Simpson or Maurice Purify? Now there's something you need to keep in mind. Even if the Bengals call up Purify, it doesn't mean he'll play over Simpson. In truth, the Purify promotion would really mean the Bengals are back to their full six-receiver compliment. Then again, they wouldn't bring up Purify if they didn't think he was worth playing.