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Chad Fined for Attempted "Bribe"

Want to offer an official a one dollar "bribe" so maybe he'll make a call in your way -- or just to do so in a playful manner? That'll cost you. A lot, in fact.  Just ask Chad Ochocinco, the proud new owner of a $20,000 fine, courtesy of King Roger Goodell and his band of enforcers.  Apparently, when Ocho used the word "bribe" to describe his actions, his fate was sealed.

Granted, the bribe was just another shenanigan in a long line of Chadisms, something he acknowledges by saying, "I was just being me. I wasn't going to do it for real."  Obviously, that matters little to Goodell and company, who plainly don't want anyone to think NFL referees are anyway influenced by players or particular game situations.

With that in mind, does anyone know the spread for Sunday's game against Pittsburgh?

One more note about Chadwick's fine -- apparently, he knew about it before today and was told not to tweet about it, which brings up a follow-up question:  Why the subterfuge?  What does Goodell have to gain by telling Ocho not to say anything about his fine?  Why is it so important the league office breaks the news?  Seems like a case of excessive micromanagement to me.