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Report: Maurice Purify expected to join the 53-man roster

If you read into Maurice Purify's quotes, the guy is itching to join the 53-man roster. He feels that he's ready and Carson Palmer has shown confidence in the young receiver from Nebraska. Purify signed with the Bengals on May 8, 2008 and joined the team's practice squad when the season started. He's been on the Bengals' practice squad ever since, which allowed him to continue learning the system, get work with the veteran wide receivers and quarterback Carson Palmer.

Purify said earlier this week, “I’ve been waiting for it for two years. I think I was game ready since Week 1 or Week 2. It’s about time I get a chance, if I get the chance. I’m still in a situation that a lot of people want to be in.”

The only game situations that Purify has played in was two years worth of preseason, where he caught seven passes for 71 yards receiving in all eight preseason games.

So is Purify coming up? writes that the "Bengals are expected to make a roster move after Friday morning's practice and the assumption is that they'll sign wide receiver Maurice Purify from the practice squad."

If Purify signs to the 53-man roster, then the Bengals will have to free up a spot, either by putting someone on Injured Reserve, or releasing them outright.