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Here's a Rumor I Do NOT Support

OK, Cedric Benson, I understand, but if this particular rumor comes to fruition, you'll never hear the end of it from me. Apparently, Mike Brown is interested in disgraced Kansas City Chief running back, Larry Johnson.  Let me be clear here, in no way is this a good idea.  Absolutely zero.  If you want to give Cedric Benson a breather -- and folks, the team has been riding him a great deal -- Brian Leonard or Bernard Scott are quite capable, and aren't nearly the headache Johnson has shown to be.

Sure, folks are allowed second chances in life, but as a resident of Kansas City, and therefore front and center for much of Johnson's shenanigans, he's already had them.  Trust me.  There's nothing else he brings to the table that justifies signing he and his 2.7 yards per carry to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Johnson is not a positive influence on the locker room.

Johnson is not a positive role model for the community.

Johnson's paltry performance does not merit signing him.  In no way.

Josh and I have already written about Johnson for another publication, and he's a little more forgiving than I am.  Don't get me wrong, as a single NFL running back who's supposed to be King Ding-a-Ling in KC, I'd probably get pissed if this lady turned me down -- but I don't think I'd spit a drink in her face as a response.  Oh, and for those of you wondering, I'd feel the same if this was the 1700-yards/double-digit-touchdowns Larry Johnson we were talking about.

Cincinnati has a wonderful thing going.  Furthermore, they struck gold with Cedric Benson (and Dhani Jones, Roy Williams, Chris Crocker, etc) but at some point, that well -- or mine, if you will -- is going to dry up and the returns could be less than desired.  Judging by experience, Johnson represents one too many chances of trying to spin straw into gold.

The Bengals have plenty of depth at running back.  Adding Johnson to the mix is not worth jeopardizing the precious chemistry the team has established this far.