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Bernard Scott's Beastly Return

There's a little bit of contention going around CJ, thanks in large part to the Larry Johnson signing and the residual fallout.  With that in mind, I thought it might be prudent to lighten the mood around here by posting the video of Bernard Scott's awesome kick off return against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  As we all know, it was the game's only touchdown, and because it was so essential to the Bengals victory, it needs to be celebrated -- especially in light of the newest acquisition.

The best part of Scott's return, besides him crossing the goal line, has to be Steelers kicker Jeff Reed's "attempt" to "tackle" Scott.  Granted, kickers aren't usually known as the best tackler, but that was just poor.  It would've been better if Reed simply escorted Scott to the end zone, for all the good his bullfighter approach to tackling did.

One last thing, make sure to look for Quan Cosby knocking the stuffing out of Stefan Logan right before Scott goes into score.  It's around the 18 or 19 second mark.