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Bengals' Bernard Scott and Jeremi Johnson missed Monday's practice

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A slight complaint was generated against the Chicago Bears when Cedric Benson was still playing in the closing minutes of the Bengals 45-10 win last week. Doesn't that just sound good? Rolls off your tongue. 45-10. Yea. Anyway... Some complained that the Bengals kept Benson in to try and achieve a 200-yard rushing milestone, which he fell 11 yards short of accomplishing.

Most of the complaining came from national figure heads, but some fans complained. The reality is, we discussed last week, the Bengals just didn't have anyone else. Brian Leonard was inactive, though healthy. Bernard Scott and Jeremi Johnson (a fullback that could spell Benson) went down with knee injuries during the game.

On Monday, the Bengals returned to work and both Scott and Johnson didn't practice in the morning, Joe Reedy reports. "Johnson was not on the field but Scott was working out on the side rehab field."

We can pretty much assume, if anything, that Brian Leonard has absolutely no shot at missing Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens.

However, as Geoff Hobson notes:

Johnson later surfaced in the locker room with an ice pack on his knee and said he'll be ready for Sunday. Scott said he'll be able to practice Wednesday.