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Over 5,000 tickets available for Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens

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Generally I would be nervous that the Bengals wouldn't sellout on time to make Sunday's game televised. It's not that I want everyone to be able to watch the game on television as much as I don't want the Bengals to be known for being 5-2, playing in a critical division game this Sunday. Eight games, Joe Reedy writes, have not sold out and those eight blackouts "have been in Jacksonville (three), Oakland (three) and Detroit (two)." It's come down to the wire twice, which required a little outside help with several companies and a player. And the trend continues.

Not much of a dent was made in ticket sales for Sunday’s game against Baltimore and the Bengals Ticket Office is saying that 5,000 seats remain available for the game, with only “hundreds” sold since Thursday.

But I don't worry this time. The Bengals are 5-2. They're playing a critical division game. Bengals fans will eventually show up once they flip through their change purse, check out the weather, and call their buddies to see what they're doing on Sunday. I'm not worried at all.