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2nd Half Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (7-2) 14 - Oakland Gradkowskis (2-7) 7

So far, not too great for Cincinnati on the scoreboard. Or on the football field, it turns out, as the injury bug continued to bite the Bengals at the end of the 2nd quarter. Andrew Whitworth limped off the field after a collision with Carson Palmer. Then they just got all conservative, and stuff, and stopped trying to score points with only 43 seconds left in the half. As a result, the Bengals gave the Raiders enough time to take a 57-yard field goal attempt that Janikowski missed wide left. The point is, it was almost 10 points in 1 minute because of conservative play calling. That's awful. Marvin really needs to light a fire under the boys in the second half or this game could go south.

Statistically, it was a pretty good half for the Bengals on both sides of the football. The boys in orange and black possessed the ball for over 21 minutes to Oakland's under 9 minutes of possession. Carson Palmer, however, has only thrown the ball 10 times (completed 8) for 12.9 yards per pass. Hmmm... Meanwhile, the Bengals have rushed the ball 25 times for 3.3 yards per carry. Hmmm... I wonder if Bob Bratkowski is privy to these stats. I know we ran the ball down their throats on one drive, but you can't get that conservative. You have to score more points, you can't stop trying to score points. These guys really need to step their game up in the second half.

Other stats: 0 sacks, 0 QB hits for the Bengals (and 1 tackle for a loss). 1 sack for Oakland (and 6 tackles for a loss).

Bruce Gradkowski, Bengal killer, is 9/15 for 74 yards and a TD, much of that coming on dump-offs to wide open receivers that had room to run underneath. All that is good for a 94.9 passer rating. What is it about this guy against the Bengals?

In unsurprising news, the Bengals can't cover TE Zach Miller, and he's really been the Raiders' biggest weapon. Here's hoping the second half goes our way, these guys really need to get the foot back on the gas and put this one away.