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Since 2001 Bengals historically struggle in games following wins over the Pittsburgh Steelers

When the Bengals completed the two-game season-sweep of the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 15, 2009, the world saw peace unlike anything in human history and Dave Matthews Band songs played in every speaker from Cincinnati to Antarctica.

Since 2001, the Bengals haven't won that many games against the Pittsburgh Steelers (six, in fact). After a big high winning last week's game, the question coming into Sunday was "is this a trap game", "will the Bengals let down." Yes, and yes. So I was curious, how have the Bengals fared the following game after beating the Steelers? For records sake, the Bengals are 3-3 in games after beating the Steelers since 2001. And all three wins were against teams sporting a losing record.

November 22, 2009 Oakland Raiders L, 17-20
October 4 , 2009 Cleveland Browns W, 23-20
October 1, 2006 New England Patriots L, 20-28
December 11 , 2005 Cleveland Browns W, 23-20
December 7, 2003 Baltimore Ravens L, 13-31
December 30, 2001 Tennessee Titans W, 23-21

So let's call it what it is. The curse of beating the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yea, that's the explanation of losing to the 2-7 Oakland Raiders.