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UPDATE: Bengals game against the Browns is officially a sellout

UPDATE: Bengals game has officially soldout already, tweets Joe Reedy.

That annoying story just won't go away. What story. That story. It's the same story leading up to the game against the Denver Broncos... and the Houston Texans... and the Baltimore Ravens. It's the story of counting down available tickets for the team to declare a sellout so many, many more people can watch the division leading, 7-3, Cincinnati Bengals punish the Cleveland Browns for having the audacity of being scheduled after a tough loss in Oakland. Jonathan Fanene says, "We're going to win this game. We're going to (sweep) the division. I guarantee that. It's going to be a win. I promise." Translation: I'm so pissed off right now I could punch a hole through the Earth!


Joe Reedy tweets that the Bengals chances of selling out this weekend against the Cleveland Browns is very good. "Bengals ticket manager Andrew Brown said less than 1,000 seats remain for Sunday's game against Cleveland." I think Cleveland was more or less expected to be a sellout, mostly for geographical reasons of having so many fans in the state of Ohio that are Browns or Bengals fans. It's hosting the Lions and Chiefs that the sellout that's been threatened through three games thus far, could become reality.