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Report: Benson has a very good chance to return against Cleveland

Though it's hard to discredit what the Bengals rushing offense was able to do against the Oakland Raiders who kept bringing an eighth man in the box, recording 177 yards rushing on 43 carries for a barely-above league average 4.1 yards-per-rush, they did it without the workhorse Cedric Benson. And even though it was the quarterback that recorded them, the Bengals as a team did pick up two rushing touchdowns.

Still, things didn't work out. Miscues and penalties chief among them.

Marvin Lewis said on Wednesday that Cedric Benson has a good chance to play. However, they are being extremely cautious with him, as Joe Reedy writes "Benson will be very limited in practice today." An AP report quoted Lewis as saying that Benson "seems to be very close".

Either way, it sounds like Benson's chances of returning range from 'good' to 'seems to be very close'. Both of which are really encouraging phrases against the Browns.