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Bengals Need to Win at Browns' Expense

The Bengals have long been the victims of some mid-season beat downs at the hands of divisional foes. Wounds that had salt poured into them Sunday after Sunday in the past. Embarrassments that have left fans scurrying for the exits before their pregame tailgating induced buzz had worn off. Lopsided losses that often freed couch potatoes to hit some of the those dreaded items on a normally long "honey do list".

Now, finally the Bengals have the opportunity to exact some revenge on a three legged dawg limping into town. There must be a relentless assault on a down and out team in the hopes of turning every TV set screen in the northeast corner of Ohio black by half-time.The formula seems simple, don't let up!  If anyone has any empathy this week they need to chuck it out the window.

If for some reason you have a soft spot for the Browns, then the Bengals can do Cleveland fans a favor. They can create a situation where the only perceivable option for their ownership is to fire the loud mouthed crybaby Eric Mangini. He is desperate to find anything to hang his hat on, and I for one would love to see him eat it. Bengals have been mercilessly throttled by division foes in the past and they need to pay it back in full. 

So with last weeks debacle behind them. It's time for the Bengals to come out and polish off the divisional schedule with a resounding win. It's time to bring the fans back to a sold-out Paul Brown Stadium for a long afternoon of cheering. It's time to keep those football loving fans on the couch where they belong. Get them out of holding purses or sitting on benches at the mall on this Thanksgiving weekend. The best bargain on any Bengal fan's list this weekend should be a Bengals win at the Browns expense.