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Bernard Scott suffered "mild turf toe injury"; Cedric Benson is ready to retake his job... because it's HIS job

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported during SportsCenter (aka, NFL Primetime), that rookie running back suffered a mild case of turf toe during the game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. As a result of the injury, Scott ended up sharing work with newest Bengal running back Larry Johnson -- who only became the third different running back to record a 100-yard game. And in the interest in fairness, C Trent (at least from what we observed), was the first to report about Scott's "turf toe injury in the first quarter."

In other news, Benson, who sat out Sunday, vows to return saying he'll "absolutely" return for the final installment of the Trap Game Trilogy against the Detroit Lions.

“They want me to be fresh going into these last five games and the postseason; it’s a good plan,” Benson said. “Seeing those guys get in there and perform the way they did is a great sign knowing we’ve got a good backup in B-Scott and Larry provided a great hand. But it’s really exciting to see the offensive line move guys around. Both those guys almost had 100 yards today. That was the biggest thrill of the day.”

While happy seeing the team's production on the ground, Benson only foresees a Benson-only act in the weeks to come when he returns.

“That’s a weird question,” he said. “I didn’t know I was going to share time. Is that what you’re implying? If it wasn’t like that before I don’t know why it’d be like that.”