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Report: Bengals have over 6,000 available tickets for home game against the Detroit Lions

One storyline that just won't go away this season is the race to the ticket office to sellout Bengals home games. The team has struggled to sellout games against the Broncos, Texans and Ravens while selling out Chicago, Pittsburgh and Cleveland relatively easy and quickly. However, the ugliness that is the storyline is showing up again. writes:

The Bengals say more than 6,000 tickets remain for Sunday's 1 p.m. game against the Lions at Paul Brown Stadium and based on Monday morning's response to the division sweep completed against the Browns they aren't optimistic about extending the sellout streak to 51 and having the game televised on Fox 19 in Cincinnati.

I guess Lions fans don't travel well. Then again, the pessimism displayed in this article could easily be a ploy to get fans to the ticket office sooner, rather than eating the cost of the remaining tickets so the team will be on local television. Either way, the Bengals need to sell "more than 6,000 tickets" for Sunday's game by the 1pm deadline on Thursday (72 hours before kickoff). After the Lions, the Bengals hit the road against two division leading teams in Minnesota and San Diego before returning for their final regular season game at Paul Brown stadium hosting the Kansas City Chiefs; another game expected to struggle with ticket sales.