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Lewis: Cedric Benson will start for the Bengals against the Detroit Lions

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So you're the Bengals head coach and you think to yourself, "how will we follow up back-to-back games in which we averaged 193.5 yards rushing?" Oh, I know, said the bright-eyed coach.

On Wednesday, Marvin Lewis said that Cedric Benson will start Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions.

 “He should be ready to go and start the football game,” said Lewis of Benson. “I think that’s good to be in a good spot where we are with our running back situation, that’ll be good.”

That's a good thing. Because I wasn't sure what we'd be able to do with two 100-yard backs on the roster. All kidding aside, if Benson plays -- all due respect to the head coach who is well schooled in the art of NFL head coaches at press conferences -- it'll be his first regular season action since the second quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 15.

Now, Joe Reedy writes, the "more interesting dilemma remains if the Bengals will have three or four backs on the 45-man game day roster." Brian Leonard, Reedy continues, plays "on three of the four punt and kickoff units." Scott's turf-toe injury may allow the reason needed to reduce the difficulty in making the decision. However, the head coach has firmly said when Johnson signed that if all three backs are healthy, they're playing and Johnson will sit.