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Deadline Approaches: Bengals still have 3,500 tickets available for division game against Baltimore

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The deadline for the Bengals to sellout and have the game shown locally is Thursday at 1 PM. If the team thinks they'll sellout and the league agrees, they could be granted a 24-hour extension, similar to the one they were given against Denver and Houston.

Joe Reedy writes that the there's still 3,500 available tickets remaining.

The ticket office said that the amount of remaining seats is about the same that were left for the opener against Denver at this point but less than what was left for the Oct. 18 game against Houston. In both cases, the Bengals were granted a 24-hour extension to reach a sellout.

The fact there's so many available tickets against a division rival, with possible playoff implications and the Bengals sporting a first place 5-2 record, makes you certain that it's about the economy. If we can't sellout this game before the day of the deadline, then you have to worry about the remaining home games this year. There's probably a good chance that the team's sellout streak will end one way or another this year. I just thought it would be more likely against 1-6 Detroit on December 6 or 1-6 Kansas City on December 27.