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Bengals granted extension to sellout game against the Baltimore Ravens

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Anytime you go three for three, that's really good. Unless the subject is rejection from women. But batting 1.000 is good by most standards. So far the Bengals have had three games that didn't sellout by the deadline (the third being against the Ravens). Cincinnati was granted a 24-hour extension to sell 3,000 tickets with the new deadline being 1 PM on Friday.

Said Bengals ticket sales manager Andrew Brown in a statement: “We still have approximately 3000 tickets to sell, so it’s by no means assured we can avert a blackout. But we are pleased to have the chance for some great closing sales to keep our sellout streak alive.” 

Through seven games, Bengals ratings locally are up 36 percent with a 33.9 rating and 58 percent market share (it was 25.0/49 last year). That is the second biggest increase in the league with Arizona leading at 37 percent.

After not selling out either preseason game for the first time since 2005, the Bengals went down to the wire in order to sell out the regular-season opener against Denver when the team, Kroger and WKRC-TV (Channel 12) bought the remaining tickets.  For the Houston game, Motorola bought the remaining tickets.