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Blackout deadline approaches for Bengals; Chad isn't sensitive to how the Ravens feel

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Like the other two times the Bengals were granted television extensions, we'll be waiting anxiously to see if the Bengals sellout Sunday, or if we're forced to listen to the radio and day dream of our boys in Lord of the Rings garb -- Andrew Whitworth is Sam, Carson Palmer is Frodo and Ray Lewis is Gollum. If it's like before, we'll get bits and pieces of information preceding a mid-afternoon announcement. So bit and piece #1: C Trent got a tweet that someone is going to the game "compliments of WKRC." Yea?

Sometimes you just have to appreciate right now and worry about tomorrow the next day. When Lance McAlister listed topics that are off the table when discussing the Cincinnati Bengals, WDR took exception. Lance said:

Off the table
Ever stop and consider the sports talk radio topics that are off the table with the Bengals winning?
Talk of......
1. Staging a walkout during a game
2. Banners to fly over the stadium or take into the game
3. Burning tickets
4. Boycotting sponsors
5. Firing the coach/who the next coach should be?
6. Who should they draft?
7. Billboards
8. Urinal cakes
9. The next task from Who Dey Revolution
10. What team to adopt?
11. Do you root for them to lose to embarrass Mike into change and get a better draft pick?

In response, WDR writes:

Clearly this list is directed towards WDR and its followers, seeing as how we're mentioned by name along with many of our actions towards instituting change and it correctly points out how some Bengals' fans typically stop supporting us when the team wins.

Once again, the cold-hard, un-Coors Light sponsored facts: this nice little run to begin the season, in the larger scheme, means nothing. Yes, nothing. Mike Brown continues running his organization in the same manner as he has since taking over, with methods that directly go against the "goal" of competing (like still employing only one full-time scout). Mike Brown, for the most part, put this team together using these same out-of-date, lazy and cheap methods that make reaching sustained success unrealistic.

But I ask this. Did Chick Ludwig give the quote of the day?

By not selling out Paul Brown Stadium against the Ravens, Bengals fans have spoken. You wanted a winner and finally got a winner. Now you’re turning your backs on the team. You prayed for rain. Now you’re complaining about the mud. Congratulations …

Levi Jones to start for the Redskins? Former Bengals left tackle Levi Jones signed with the Washington Redskins on October 20. In a Washington Post piece, David Elfin writes that "Levi Jones might make his first start at the position for the Redskins on Sunday at Atlanta." Jones was cut by the Bengals during the offseason:

"I have missed [18 games in seven seasons], but they label me injury-prone?" he said. "I've never been on injured reserve. To have that knock, I definitely want to get that off and show people that I'm back... and try to return to the elite status I once had."

Does one become King if they predict the future? Peter King predicts that the Bengals will lose to the Ravens by ten points.

Cincinnati is 3-1 in the past four in this series at Paul Brown Stadium. The 1: Baltimore 34, Cincy 3 last November. In this one, I say the Ray Rice Show continues. "He's better than we thought he was,'' John Harbaugh told me the other day. "He was pretty much an inside runner at Rutgers, but his blitz pickup and receiving skills are so much better than we thought.''

I rarely make predictions. It's not because I don't like it. No. It's because my crystal ball I used to see into the the future broke a few months ago after I threw my controller because a middle linebacker in Madden 10 made this impossible catch over the middle when he was twenty yards away while I was making my throw. Prick.

Who Dey Fans calls it a season sweep. Chick Ludwig calls it a three-point win.

The story of Cedric Benson fascinates. Sports Illustrated's Damon Hack chronicles Cedric Benson's return to the league as not just an effective running back, but a pretty good one.

The Bengals signed him on Sept. 30, and after two games he had earned the starting job. By the end of the 2008 season he'd rediscovered the power-running form that had made him one of the most accomplished backs in college football history—over the last three games for Cincy, Benson rushed for 355 yards. The resurgence has carried over to 2009. In Week 5 he became the first back in 40 games to run for more than 100 yards against the Ravens, pounding out 120 yards on 27 carries in a 17--14 win at Baltimore. And ultimate redemption came two Sundays ago at Paul Brown Stadium, when he gouged Chicago for a career-high 189 yards and a touchdown in a 45--10 romp that improved Cincinnati's record to 5--2 and certified the Bengals as a playoff contender.

If he continues at this pace, one has to believe that Benson is the leading candidate for comeback player of the year award.

If you're a Bengals fan and you don't like Chad, you kick puppies. Except for Tim, of course. As far as we know, Chad Ochocinco is 0-1 when sending gift care packages to opposing defenses the week that they play.

"I got a special package being delivered to the Ravens' secondary -- actually the whole defense," Ochocinco said. "I just want to send my condolences right now. You're welcome ahead of time."

My favorite quote in the ESPN piece is when James Walker asked Chad about the Ravens attitude after losing the first meeting on a last second touchdown.

"I can care less how they feel," Ochocinco said bluntly. "I can care less about their attitude. All of them."

That's our boy.

More, more, says Number Five.

Carson Palmer has thrown for 2,506 yards and 13 touchdowns in ten meetings against the Baltimore Ravens. Better still, he's 7-3.

It's still uncertain if Andre Smith will play this Sunday.

Robert Geathers and Michael Johnson are both looking to turn around disappointing starts to their season.