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Bengals Banter: Steelers Week (deux), 6-2 Bengals cheering for Broncos tonight

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The Bengals are national media darlings again after completing the season sweep of the Baltimore Ravens yesterday, moving to 6-2  for the first time since 1988. I talked a lot about the game yesterday. Here's what the national media said late last night (I don't include Peter King's MMQB because, amongst other reasons, it's not up yet). Here are post-game quotes. Here are many stories of national media heaping praise onto our beloved pumpkin cats.

Speaking of defense, Geoff Hobson sings some mighty praise for Zimmer's boys.

  • "And the Ravens had just 180 yards before running back Ray Rice churned out a classic garbage-time 35 yards on the last play of the game on a checkdown pass that underscored just how much Cincinnati dominated the game with the coverage of cornerbacks Leon Hall and Johnthan Joseph, as well as rookie nickel back Morgan Trent."

By now, it's probably noon, and you've accomplished absolutely nothing at work today. If that's the case, then I consider it a job well done. Happy Monday!