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Comparing the Bengals to other post-season Bengals squads; Was Peter Warrick a bust?

With all of this talk about an effective rushing offense and a dominant defense on Monday, I'm sure it's getting tiring. Right? Regardless, we'll close that subject out (for now) with one final thought. And honestly, it's purely of interest that has no real bearing on the team's fortunes this year. We took the Bengals rushing offense averages and rushing defensive averages and compared them to other seasons in which the Bengals made the playoffs.

Season Rushing/Game Rank Defense/Game Rank
2009 135.3 7th 81.9 3rd
2005 119.4 11th 115.6 20th
1990 132.5 5th 130.3 22nd
1988 169.4 1st 128.0 18th
1982 * 105.4 20th 94.4 3rd
1981 123.3 17th 117.6 9th
1975 129.9 17th 156.7 18th
1973 159.7 7th 129.1 8th
1970 146.9 4th 110.2 9th
* Strike-shortened season

Yahoo!'s Shutdown Corner ranks the biggest busts in the decade (no chance for Akili, sorry). But they did pick Peter Warrick as a bust. I have to admit, this did surprise me. I've never thought of Warrick as a bust, even though by all definitions, he should be classified as such. He was the fourth overall draft pick in 2000, played five seasons with the Bengals (missing 14 games), averaged 53 receptions and 562.2 yards receiving per season and only scored 18 career touchdowns. Yet, I remember the touchdown on punt return against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs most of all. In your opinion, was Warrick a bust?

Who Dey Fans is disappointed that 6,000 tickets remain for this Sunday's home game against the Detroit Lions.

Dave likes this brand of Bengals football too!

DDN's Tom Archdeacon writes that if the Bengals make the postseason, then thank the Bengals running backs who were "considered misfits and often worse by those who cast them off not long ago."

Don Banks says that the Bengals are questionable if they can't start passing better. "But that power running game and the Bengals defense should serve Cincinnati very well as the weather turns nasty for the rest of the regular season."

Clark Judge writes:

The Cincinnati Bengals blew down the AFC North, winning all six of their starts, and I'll tell you how: Defense. They allowed 80 points in this season's division games, and no more than 14 in each of their last four. A year ago, they allowed 136 points, and that included a shutout of Cleveland.

In only the way Peter King can (aka, pissing all of us off for not exploding with joy about these Bengals like the rest of us): "Bengals 33, Raiders/Browns 27 the last two weeks." Uh-huh.