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Chad Ochocinco Jokes About More Passes


Now that the Cincinnati Bengals have their running game humming along at a good pace -- one that's bound to improve now that Ced the Pred is back -- Chad wants the Bob Bratkowski to throw a bone, and the ball, to the receivers a little bit more.

If, by a little bit, I mean 50 times a game, that is.

In what is being deemed as joke by the writers, Chad actually did say something along the lines of "now that running game is going, it's time to start passing the receivers the ball more."  Taking the approach that winning cures all ills -- something Chad himself indicated on his Twitter account -- Chad mentioned the staff couldn't ignore the receivers for three games in a row:

"I'm not going to let them treat us like that for three straight games," he said of his receivers. "We won the game. We had a wonderful day on the ground. Bernard Scott and Larry Johnson played extremely well. I asked for us to run the ball. This basically solidifies us being able to run the ball right now. It helps us once we do get to the playoffs.

"Now next week things are going to have to change. The roles need to be reversed. I'm speaking on behalf of myself and the receiving corps. We would like to throw the ball 50 times. I just want to relay that message."

Granted, after a two week accumulation of seven receptions for 105 yards, a total he can achieve in one half of football, I could understand Chad wanting the ball more.  Thankfully, he's not going about it in an "I'll undermine the team" way and is making jokes about it.

Obviously, even Ocho knows the only way the Bengals will throw the ball over 50 times is if they are down by a bunch of points and a Carson Palmer-style air-it-out fest is the only way to get back in the game.  However, while the comments came off as playful, I have zero doubt Chad wants to see the ball thrown his way a little bit more.

Furthermore, he hasn't had a touchdown since his two scores against the Chicago Bears.  This means if he wants to exhaust the money he set aside for fines, he needs to find his way to the end zone a few more times before the season ends.

I, for one, have no problem admitting I miss seeing his touchdown celebrations.

Oh, and yes, that is Ocho's foot getting a massage.  Considering how important feet are to receivers, I found that picture quite fitting.