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Bengals Banter: will carnivorous Bengals feast on Norsemen who have a stunning lack of fangs and claws?

On the morn after the Browns' defeat of the Pittsburgh Steelers (essentially knocking them out of the playoff picture), things are pretty quiet around the interwebs in regards to our 9-3 Bengals

I hope you all enjoyed that game as much as I did last night.  Living in Northeast Ohio, you should have seen my facebook homepage during and especially after the game.  It was quite entertaing, to say the least.  Of course, I didn't participate in the ribbing or the smack talk.  I would never do such a thing.  Now, links ensue! 

Florio notes in his Friday One-Liners that Chris Crocker has returned to practice and he says he plans to play Sunday at Minnesota.

Mr. Florio also questions the validity of the Bengals however in his weekly 10-Pack for SportingNews, wondering if the Steelers' and Ravens' recent struggles undermine the Bengals' achievements so far this season. 

Clark Judge over at calls Bengals at Vikings the game of the week in his Peek-at-the-Week. also gives us a video preview of Sunday's game.  I typically like Pat Kirwan, but he seems to be much higher on the Vikes than he is for the Bengals going into the weekend.  Nothing like continuing to prove folk wrong, am I right?  

Finally over at cbssports, here's the page containing their expert picks.  Even split over the six writers as to whether the Bengals cover the 6.5 point spread this weekend.   

Heading on over to ESPN, Adam Schefter is the only expert on the panel picking the good guys on Sunday.  Bang it here. 

More Schefter here, pondering Percy Harvin's chances of playing through a migraine this weekend.  He also gives the Bengals' offensive line major props toward the end of the article. 

James Walker has a very, very enjoyable edition of "Remember the Offseason?" in which he posts comments from Bengals fans and fans of the other teams in the division in regards to the Bengals' chances in 2009.  It's a quality read.

The experts over at Fox Sports are in line with the others, all but Adam Schein pick the Vikes.   

Here's Fox Sports' preview of the Bengals/Vikings game this weekend.  They also ilst the game as the game of the week. 

The folks over at WDR opine (sarcastically as per uzhe) about Sunday's game. 

Have fun clicking, and we'll see you over the weekend for CLINCHFEST 2009!!!!1!!!1!!1

Sorry.  Got a little excited. 

A Pragmatic Bengals Fan