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BREAKING: Shaun Smith cut already, three days later.

Well, that didn't take long.  Here's the story from PFT. 

This makes me feel good.  This makes me feel very, very good.  This tells me that out of all the other "dubious" signings we've had on tap this year, that had Larry Johnson or anyone else not brought what the Bengals were looking for to the table that the result would have been just this. 

A player who was brought in for a legitimate need, who seemed to be the best fit physically for the need for which he was brought in, was cut a mere three days after his arrival.  That apology that he reportedly called Marvin Lewis to offer got him in the door, but he didn't have any staying power (I mean really, three days?) because the team did not feel he was the asset they had hoped. 

I don't know if it was a locker room issue or an on-the-field issue, but the Bengals clearly weren't impressed.  So they cut him loose.  Again, after THREE DAYS.  Anyone think that everyone else in the locker room isn't taking notice of that? 

Good job, Bengals.  This is what we like to see. 

A Pragmatic Bengals Fan