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Open Thread. Second Half: Cincinnati Bengals (9-3) at Minnesota Vikings (10-2)

In a game that was expected to be a bruising low-scoring game, the Vikings and Bengals appeared to be going very one-sided, with Cincinnati's first four possessions picking up 17 yards and four punts. Cincinnati finally found its rhythm with a good combination of passes and rushes, converting a ten-play drive 82 yards, ending with a 15-yard touchdown pass to Chad Ochocinco.

Thanks to good field position by poor punts from Kevin Huber, decent returns by the Vikings and a few penalties, Minnesota's offense did get 10 points on two drives that picked up 39 yards or more on at least seven plays. With four minutes left in the first half, the Vikings went 71 yards on 14 plays to convert their second field goal, leaving half a minute left in the half. The Bengals, brilliant as always on offensive play-calling, were quickly taken off the field after a Brian Leonard fumble which lead to another field goal and a 16-7 Minnesota Vikings lead.

Brett Favre and Carson Palmer are each completing just over 50% of their passes while Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson have combined for 98 yards rushing on 20 carries.

  Bengals Vikings
Total Yards 104 178
First Downs 9 11
Passing Yards 48 113
Rushing Yards 56 65
Penalties 8 (65) 5 (40)
Time of Possession 15:06 14:50