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UPDATE: Chris Henry on life support. Family at his bedside.

If karma had an enemy, that enemy would be Chris Henry. Joe Reedy tweets at around a quarter after five, Chris Henry was involved in an accident.

Chris Henry involved in an accident in Charlotte. Injuries are believed to be very serious

There's no word on what the injuries are or when the accident happened. We'll try to keep updating this as reports surface.

UPDATE: Reports are tricking in regarding Henry's injuries. There's a lot of unconfirmed reports right now that Henry has died as a result of his injuries. One Huffington Post report says that "Henry has died in a North Carolina car accident". The Charlotte Observer writes:

Police say Henry was involved in a "domestic situation" with his fiancee at 840 Peachtree Road. His fiancee, who police haven't named, got into a pickup truck and drove away from the home. As she was driving, police say, Henry jumped into the bed of the truck.

The domestic dispute continued between the woman and Henry. At some point, Henry "came out" of the back of the vehicle. Police refused to elaborate on whether Henry fell or might have been forced out of the truck.

As of 6:30 PM, is still calling it life-threatening injuries, citing the Charlotte Observer's piece. ESPN is currently calling it the same. Fox Sports says that Henry is on life support, and the situation is "dire".

UPDATE II: Reports of his death surfaced from a fake Twitter account, writes PFT.

A fake Twitter account led to multiple outlets from newspapers to major sports and news blogs to repeat the information that Henry passed away.

UPDATE III: Family joining Chris; agents says Henry is battling for his life. Joe Reedy tweets that Henry's family was joining him in Charlotte. Henry's agent, Andy Simms, tweets:

Client Chris Henry - He is indeed battling for his life tonight, and our thoughts and prayers our with him.

Dan Graziano writes just how dire it appears when one source told FanHouse, "We don't think he's going to make it."

UPDATE IV: Family at his bedside. Reedy reported on ESPN that his family is at his bedside.

UPDATE V: Serious head injuries. Joe Reedy writes that Henry "suffered serious head injuries." As of 12:50 AM, Henry is still alive but still on life support.

UPDATE VI: Mike Brown speaks. It's 10 AM and the good news is that there's no news. Chris made it through the night and he's, at last report, still fighting. Mike Brown released a statement this morning, which reads:

Chris has suffered grave injuries in an accident in Charlotte. We are monitoring the situation and awaiting further word on his condition. We are stunned to have learned this news, and our prayers are with Chris. Rusty Guy, our director of security, is arriving in Charlotte this morning. He will be in close touch with the appropriate parties and will offer the club’s assistance to Chris’ family gathered there.”