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Report: Bernard Scott on crutches and boot. Not looking good for Detroit

Let's see. Cedric Benson is returning. Larry Johnson just rushed for over 100 yards against the Cleveland Browns. Bernard Scott had 100 yards rushing against the Oakland Raiders. Brian Leonard is probably the team's best third down back. What do you do? Previously, Marvin Lewis had said that if Benson, Leonard and Scott are healthy, they'd play and Johnson would be inactive.

The problem is that not all three are healthy. It was reported that Bernard Scott suffered a turf toe injury against the Browns, which gave Johnson a significant amount of carries.

The Bengals official twitter account writes that "Bscott on crutches and in boot does not look good for sunday." So Lewis won't have to make the tough decision on which running backs go, or if they'll activate all four. It looks like the decision is already being made for him. Benson, Johnson and Leonard. Whatever will the Bengals do?