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Over 3,000 tickets remain for home finale against the Kansas City Chiefs

This is it. The final home game of the regular season. How quickly has this season come and gone? Seems like yesterday that we were talking about how concerned we were with the team's offensive line. Seems like yesterday we were treading lightly on the amusing question on how Chad Ochocinco would return. This Sunday the Bengals will host the Kansas City Chiefs.

That also means something else.

That's right. An old story updated. How many tickets remain for Cincinnati's home finale of the season?

So far this season, the team has had to ask for extensions four times to avoid a blackout, but each a combination of the team, the TV station airing the game and a corporate sponsor has come in to save the day.

C Trent Rosencrans writes that there "are still more than 3,000 tickets available." In an effort to sell more tickets for this weekend, the Bengals are offering fans that purchase those tickets the chance to lock in tickets for the playoffs.

After this weekend, we can finally crumble up this season-long story line and throw it in the trash. Because next year the economy will improve and this team can only build on what they've done this year. Oh, and plus we'll be coming off a playoff season, so we'll be the in-thing in Cincinnati.