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Bengals Banter: Let's Clinch the Playoffs - For Slim - Week

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After a somber funeral in Louisiana (video coverage from ESPN), the Bengals have to get back to work this week. The rest of the season has been dedicated to Chris Henry and Vicki Zimmer in the hearts and minds of Bengals players, fans, coaches, and executives.

First and foremost, if you're interested in coverage of the funeral, here's the AP story, the photo gallery by Sean Gardner, and Joe Reedy's coverage. Perfect story from Reedy. Very gripping stuff. Here's Hobson's piece for, another great piece highlighting the positives of Chris's abbreviated time on Earth. Rest in peace, Slim.

Onto the much less consequential football-related news, the Bengals didn't move in most power rankings this week. To this point, the Bengals remained at #7 in ESPN, Yahoo, (and fell to 7 in) CBSSportsline's rankings. Pete Prisco says Phillip Rivers is deserving of MVP consideration (CBS Sports), and all acknowledge the tough week the Bengals had and admired the valiant effort they put forth in the face of adversity. Prisco, though, gives the Bengals a B- in their loss at San Diego in his weekly grades column.

Other football related news, clarifies the playoff picture for us, and predicts how things will end up.'s C. Trent Rosencrans has a really cool piece highlighting Kyle Cook's glorious rise to prominence, and the importance of the Center position. I love Centers and haven't underestimated the importance of them since Richie Braham injured his knee. Finally, Joe Reedy gives 3 things to think about for the upcoming Chiefs contest.