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Can I get a "WHO DEY"!

This season has been an emotional rollercoaster of apparently unending drama.  Even before the season officially started the Bengals were under the microscope of the "Hard Knocks" program. Picked to finish 3rd in their division, at best. Hearing that they were simply a cast of misfits and wanabees from teams that could contend. The season started with what many equate to "a swift kick in the priviates" on the tipped pass touchdown. Then the misfits caught fire and caught the eye of the fans, soon they were rolling. Shortly followed by the well known tragadies of the season. Tradgedies that cranked the emotional pressure cooker to broil. 

So how can this pressure be alleviated? The answer to this question is not on the field but in the stands this week. It is time for the fans to rise to the occasion and rally this team to victory. Fill the stands with equal parts crazy and love. The city should be ringing with the sounds of "Who Dey". The fans have the power to fill the hearts of players with pride and enthusiasm this Christmas weekend. The fans can give a team mired in pain and anguish a much needed injection of adrenaline and help set the Bengals course for the playoffs.

Games are always ultimately won on the field. But the fires of victory are stoked by the emotion of the fans. If you live in Cincinnati and follow high school football you know what I am talking about. Bengal fans needs to bring the emotion to the stadium this week above any other this season. Embrace the team with the warmth of a caring community then slap them on the ass and tell them to "kick some butt." This weeks game should not be just about the team but about the town, it should be a 65,000 person group effort! This week will be the beginning of a run through the playoffs.  Can I get a "WHO DEY"!