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A Very Merry Christmas from

Merry Christmas from the Cincy Jungle community!
Merry Christmas from the Cincy Jungle community!

Christmas is a day on which most of us get to share time with our families, which is the best gift of all.  Here at Cincy Jungle we consider all of you to be part of our family, a great family which allows us to be one of the very best NFL blogs on the web.  We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas morning celebrating with your families and thank you so much for coming here and being part of our extended family. 

So eat, drink and be merry on this Christmas day, but most of all enjoy your time with those you love and be safe.  If you are away from your family today, think fondly of them and send up a quick prayer or two that you'll get to see them soon.  We here at Cincy Jungle will do the same. 

Please use the comment thread here to wish each other a Merry Christmas and tell us about your haul this year or what you got your loved ones.  Children, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, in-laws, how'd you treat them this holiday? 

Merry Christmas, everyone.  :) 

-A Pragmatic Bengals Fan and the rest of the writing staff