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Open Thread II: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals.

Cincinnati's offense is, well, what's the word? Terrible? Tired? Uninspired? The unquestionable reality is that this offense is plagued. Diseased. It's weak. It's inconsistent and it's not the product of a 9-5 team looking to do more in the playoffs other than saying, we've arrived. Maybe I'm just over-reacting. That is, by nature, a biproduct of beign a fan.

Defensively, this team is strong, for the first 29 minuts of the half. Chinedum Ndukwe recorded an interception. Michael Johnson recorded a quarterback sack and before he left due to injury early in the first half, Rey Maualuga recorded five tackles.

With under 2:30 left in the first half, a snap sailed past punter Dustin Colquitt, who kicked the football out of bounds at the Chiefs seven-yard line. After a one-yard run by Benson, Palmer scrambles and throws to his right at Chad Ochocinco, who tapped inbounds before falling out. Just as they're calling it a touchdown, the booth reviews the play and removes the touchdown, seeing Chad taking his route out of bounds at the back of the endzone, which results in a penalty. Carson Palmer throws two incomplete passes and the Bengals score the game's first points with 1:38 left in the game.

Shocking stat of the game: Carson Palmer - 4/9, 19 yards, INT

Kansas City moved the football into scoring position, converting on a Ryan Sucoop 30-yard field goal to tie the game at half time.

  Bengals Chiefs
Yards Total 166 53
Passing 99 10
Rushing 67 43
Time of Possession 16:48 13:07