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Open Thread: The Cincinnati Bengals are the 2009 AFC North Champions

Congratulations to the Cincinnati Bengals: The 2009 AFC North Champions.

After doing what they do best and waiting until the last possible moment to make a move -- making their fans a nervous wreck in the process -- the Bengals started their game-winning scoring drive on their own two-yard line. They converted four third downs on a 14-play (seven runs, seven passes) 98-yard touchdown drive to take a 17-10 lead with two minutes left in the game. Leon Hall sealed the win with his sixth interception of the season.

Cincinnati will take on the Jets in the regular season finale in New York with the third seed still on the line. If the Bengals win and the Patriots lose (they play the Texans), then Cincinnati will host the Wild Card team with the worst record in the first round of the playoffs.