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Cincinnati Bengals flexed for regular season finale; can dictate who their first-round opponent will be

The Cincinnati Bengals played 15 games this year having zero primetime games and only four games as late afternoon game. We projected for most of the season that games against the Vikings or the Chargers could possibly be flexed, being as they were two division leaders. And up to the moment that the Bengals clinched the division, Cincinnati may have been the only division champion this season that didn't play in front of a national audience on primetime.

Now Cincinnati can join the ranks of having a primetime game.

On the same day that the Bengals clinched the AFC North, it was announced that the season finale against the New York Jets will be flexed to a Sunday night game. In fact, it will be the very last NFL regular season game as there's no Monday Night Football during the last week of the season.

There's question if the Bengals will play their starters throughout Sunday night's game. And why not? This offense really needs the work. Badly. If the Jets beat the Bengals, then Cincinnati is assured the fourth seed and the Jets are in as the sixth seed. Cincinnati's opponent, if they beat the Kansas City Chiefs, would be the Denver Broncos. We've been waiting for that rematch. Very eagerly.

If the Bengals beat the Jets, then who knows who we play. It could be the Ravens, the Steelers, the Broncos or the Texans. No matter who we play, it appears it's going to be a rematch.

In truth, the Bengals will be able to dictate their first round opponent based on whether they play their starters. Talking about controlling your own destiny.