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Bengals Banter: PLAYOFFS

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As you may or may not be aware, the Bengals have clinched the AFC North and will be going to the playoffs for the second time this decade. While it is not ideal to only make the playoffs 20% of the time, that rate under Marvin Lewis is almost certainly one of the best for any coach in Bengals history. Chad Johnson needs just over 70 more yards to break 10,000 on the career - I'd love to see him finish that off this season.

Without further delay, here are the major stories from the internets about our playoff-bound Bengals.

  • Here's a question for you: Who would you rather play if the first round, Denver or New York? Or Baltimore? Or Pittsburgh? What a convoluted playoff picture in the AFC.
  • Post-game quotes from
  • Coaching through tragedy, as Clark Judge points out in his weekly "judgements" column, doesn't Marvin Lewis have to be a coach of the year candidate? I mean, I think we all know he has flaws - like calling timeouts - but this team was 4-11-1 last year and has suffered immensely off the field this year, yet continues to stick together and perform. That's worth something, right?

"No [Gatorade] shower, no hat," Lewis said. "We want to earn another hat. There are two more to earn. It's a little different atmosphere than it was a few years ago (2005). This group knows there are more of them."

  • James Walker talks about AFC playoff scenarios. I'll admit, I'm a little confused by the whole thing. I just know I'd rather see Denver and NYJ make it than Pittsburgh and Baltimore.
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer's game day photo gallery is exceptional this week. 
  • All of our favorite writers from the Enquirer's sports page contributed recapitulations of the Bengals triumphant effort over the Chiefs that secured a playoff berth. Joe Reedy, first, gives his thoughts, pointing out that it took a 4th "Cardiac Cat" drive to seal the deal. 
  • Paul Daugherty says this Bengals squad is more mature than the 2005 club that lost Carson Palmer on its first offensive snap in the Wildcard round. They have to be after the tragedy they have faced as a team this year. Do you think any other team in the NFL is as familial as the Bengals? These guys really have each others' back. Daugherty praises Dhani Jones (maybe we should do that a bit more around these parts, I heard his name a lot yesterday) and concludes that the Bengals are "good."

Speaking of good, how far does "good" get you in the playoffs? I gues what I'm asking is, do you think this team can win the Superbowl?