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Domata Peko to return in regular season finale against the New York Jets

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Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko had right knee surgery on December 7. In the four games he's missed, the Cincinnati Bengals defense has allowed 103.8 yards rushing per game. Before missing any action, the Peko-led defense averaged 81.9 yards rushing per game. Oddly enough, the Bengals actually jumped from 3rd to 2nd in rush defense. But whatever.

Joe Reedy writes that Peko "will be back in the lineup for Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Jets."

Some of you wonder, why not just give Peko another week's worth of rest? Actually, I agree with the decision that he should play. The last time that Peko stepped foot on the field was November 29 against the Cleveland Browns. By the time we play the New York Jets, it'll be January 3, 2010.

 “It will be good just to get my feet back under me,” Peko said. “Anytime you lose a couple weeks you want to shake some of the kinks out and get ready to go.”