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Bengals Banter: To rest or not to rest, that is the question

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A debate is raging. Should the Bengals rest their starters? Should the starters play the first half and then rest? Or should the starters play the entire game? I've always thought that if your team is hitting on all cylinders, then why not. But if they're not hitting on all cylinders, then I believe the worst thing you could do is slow whatever momentum that they do have for the sake of rest, which, alternatively speaks, don't get our players hurt in a meaningless ball game.

Many believe they should rest. Why not include markers? If the offense gains 200 yards, then pull them. Or pull 'em when they reach 20 points. I'd be more inclined to let the defense rest because they are hitting on all cylinders, and most of the team's injuries are on that side of the ball.

Either way, the team will dictate whether or not to rest their starters based on early games. They could also rest their starters based on the fact that the team could rematch the New York Jets

Scott Priestle writes:

Lewis said his plan could change as late as Sunday afternoon, based on the results of the early games. If the New England Patriots beat the Houston Texans, they secure the No.3 seed and the Bengals are locked into the No.4 seed.

The Bengals might have to open the postseason with an afternoon game on Saturday, Jan.9, which would be a quicker turnaround than they are accustomed to. In that case, a little more rest this week could be beneficial. They will not know the playoff schedule until after the regular-season finale.

The other variable in the equation is their first-round opponent: It is possible the Bengals will host the Jets less than a week after playing them in New York, in which case they will not want to show their entire playbook in the first meeting.

Joe Reedy writes:

It's not a question of if the Bengals will rest their starters in Sunday's regular-season finale against the Jets, it's how much.

For the Bengals, a lot of that could depend on the result of the New England-Houston game. If the Patriots win, then the Bengals (10-5) are locked into the fourth seed no matter what happens. But if the Texans win, the Bengals could get the third seed if they beat the Jets.

The Chickster doesn't bother guessing. James Walker doesn't think it's worth the possibility to injury.

Here's an interesting little program. Dictate the winners for this weekend and find every possible scenario for who gets into the playoffs and who has what seed.

Since 1978, 30 of the past 31 Super Bowl winners closed the regular season with at least three straight wins.

James Walker believes that Cedric Benson and Chad Ochocinco should be on the Pro Bowl roster.