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Bengals lack Pro Bowl representatives. Chad Ochocinco reminds us: Glory is only defined by one thing. Victory

It was a forgone conclusion that the Cincinnati Bengals would have at least one player named to the Pro Bowl roster. I mean, you have to include at least one player from a team that clinched the AFC North right? Four times the Bengals beat the Steelers and Ravens, two teams that are fighting for a Wild Card spot. The best Wild Card team in the NFC, the Green Bay Packers? No problem. The Broncos, another team battling for the playoffs, needed a fluke play. The Chargers needed a soft defenses on the edges and a long field goal. Either way, I honestly believe that there's no team in the NFL that the Cincinnati Bengals can't beat.

Tweet of the Night comes from C Trent:

AFC North Pro-Bowlers: #Ravens 5, #Steelers 2, #Browns 2, #Bengals -- 6-0 in the division -- 0

A team that wins a division has to have talent. It was just a matter of who goes. Cedric Benson? Alright, he missed some time that likely cost him a spot and he hasn't scored a touchdown since November 8. Fine. I can accept that. Chad Ochocinco had nine touchdown receptions, only six players had more -- of whom is Randy Moss, who leads the NFL with 13 touchdown receptions and like Chad, won't be playing in the Pro Bowl. But can you argue against the seasons that Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Johnson and Wes Welker are having?

No, the Bengals had few dominating players, especially on offense, that make a claim for a Pro Bowl spot.

The biggest snub, perhaps in the NFL, is Johnathan Joseph and Leon Hall. Yes, I'm a homer. I'm by default a Bengals fan. Darrelle Revis, Nnamdi Asomugha and Champ Bailey, all fine cornerbacks, were selected. Let's compare them with the Bengals corners.

  Interceptions Passes Defensed Tackles
Johnathan Joseph 6 26 66
Leon Hall 6 30 67
Darrelle Revis 6 37 54
Champ Bailey 3 16 72
Nnamdi Asomugha 1 5 34

If you compare these five, then Hall and Joseph rank in the top three in interceptions, passes defensed and tackles. In fact, Nnamdi Asomugha, as great as he may be, has absolutely no reason to be included here. No one throws to him because he's so good. Fine. Should someone be rewarded because of intimidation factor being the best corner in the game in the previous seasons? Was that the popularity vote? He's a great corner, but is he more deserving than Hall or Joseph, who largely were thrown on and bested nearly every receiver they faced, almost always in single-coverage situations?

I don't have a problem if you believe that this is pointless anyway, considering that the Bengals were the epitome of team, without having a single player honored above the other. In fact, I'm on board with that. This team has matured way beyond our expectations. They've come back and won, when they used to fold, yell and pout. When guys needs to come through with a big play, they have, multiple times.

But if you ask me to take the Pro Bowl seriously? I can't. Not when the AFC North Champions lack a representative. Not when the Pro Bowl won't have the leading touchdown receiver through 15 games.

As much as I'd like to be self-centered, the issue is that the Pro Bowl is a farce. Fans aren't rewarded with the investment of watching a game, or really caring who wins and who loses. I even understand the reasoning why players don't play hard. Injury, exhibition, camaraderie with your NFL brothers. At the same time, don't expect us to really care.

Chad Ochocinco reminds us that there's only one glory. Victory.

Just been informed myself nor any of my teammates made the Pro Bowl-bengal fans we wouldn't be abe to play in it anyway! SUPER BOWL BABY!!!

Pro Bowl year after year with nothing else to look forward to--this year no pro bowl but a chance at The Lombardi-damit ill take it-WHO DEY