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Ticket Update: 24-Hour Extension


If you guys want to watch the Bengals play Detroit on TV Sunday, you better tell your rich friends to buy up the rest of the remaining tickets, otherwise, all of us will be running around, screaming for active streams. Thanks to the 24-hour extension, there's still time to act.

Who knows?  Maybe Ocho or perhaps Kroger can again salvage Cincinnati's 50-straight regular season sell out streak (Alliteration For The Win!).  Or hell, how about everybody's favorite anti-hero, Larry Johnson?  He's still got that Kansas City money and since he's so eager to turn over a new leaf and show everybody just how awesome he really is, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

If LJ can help us avoid a blacked-out game, I might even come off of my high horse about him.  Doubtful, but there's certainly a chance.