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LaMarr Woodley: Bengals will lay down against the Jets

Typically I don't write about other teams, but I couldn't let this one pass. Mostly for its entertainment value. Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley thinks that the Bengals are one of those teams that will lay down this weekend. In order for the Steelers to make the playoffs, one of the many scenarios include the Bengals beating the Jets to keep that wild card spot open. Woodley predicts.

"All of them lay down," Woodley said Wednesday. "No one wants to see Pittsburgh in it. That's just how it is. Everybody knows we're a dangerous team once we get into the playoffs, no matter how we played the whole year. Once we get into the playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers is a playoff team."

"Cincinnati is probably going to go into New York and lay down for the Jets and not play them hard just because they're not going to want to see Pittsburgh in it," Woodley said.

A little narcissistic, are we? Apparently everything that everyone does in the NFL revolves around the Steelers. Here's a thought. How about not laying down during a five-game losing streak to put yourself in this position next time.

UPDATE: Tim has a good take