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Cedric Benson is a second alternate at running back for the Pro Bowl

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It's unknown if Leon Hall or Johnathan Joseph will be selected as an alternate for this year's Pro Bowl. However, Cedric Benson's season earned him a second alternate at running back, writes Joe Reedy.

 “It was a bit surprising. A lot of guys played consistent. I can’t put my finger on it,” Benson said. “It seems like the running back situation came down to yards: A wise man once told me when it comes down to the business end of the deal the only thing that matters is the yards at the end of the season.”

Running Back Yards Rushing Avg. Rushing TDs Yards from Scrimmage Total TDs
Chris Johnson 1,872 5.8 12 2,355 14
Maurice Jones-Drew 1,309 4.4 15 1,677 16
Ray Rice 1,269 5.3 7 1,952 8
Cedric Benson 1,251 4.2 6 1,362 6