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Bengals Banter: Was a deal struck to sellout the Lions game?

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We know. Another Bengals ticket story? Aren't we tired of this enough? A tiring story doesn't make it irrelevant, nor any less important. The implications that the Bengals don't sellout Sunday are huge. Of course, that depends on your side of the argument. However, that doesn't change the fact that the Bengals will have until 1pm Friday afternoon to sell the remaining tickets for Sunday's game against the Lions. According to, the Bengals were able to work out a deal to sell out the remaining tickets. No word on exactly how or any such details. On the other hand, WDR is already declaring that the sellout streak will end; not because of "inside sources", rather because they can't envision the team selling the remaining tickets.

Who Dey Fans says that if you have the time and money, get yourself a ticket and watch the Bengals dismantle the Lions.

Chick Ludwig says point blank that the fans just don't care.

Fans are blaming Bengals owner Mike Brown, of course, for two decades of futility. Now that he’s built a winner, he can’t get fans to come to the yard to witness history.

It’s a damn shame.

I don't want to weigh in on whether Bengals fans care or not, but I'm more in line with C Trent, who simply says that the Bengals need the blackout to happen because no one believes that there will actually be a blackout.

The team is saying they're in danger of a blackout, but nobody believes it'll happen. Fans expect the usual cycle -- an extension will be announced today, tomorrow at 1 they'll say something will be announced at 3 and then 4. At about 3:45 the local TV station will report the game will be on, and then the Bengals will follow and make it official.

Rey Maualuga is going to be a staple with this defense for several years.

The Bengals were somewhat satisfied with Smith's performance against the Browns. However, Smith's progression isn't as important as the Bengals playoff run.

"The most important consideration about when he gets on the field is what do we have to do to win the game?" (offensive line coach Paul) Alexander said. "Winning the game is way more important than the development of Andre Smith and that's the approach we're taking. We're right in the thick of something special, we have to make sure we see that through."

So the Bengals have a good ground game and defense. That's a key to a championship run. Right? Pat Kirwin doesn't think so. At least not any more.

The NFL has turned into a passing league, and anyone who doubts it should check out the facts. Currently, the top five defenses in the NFL are a combined 31-24; the top five offenses are 47-8. As for running the ball, the top five rushing teams are 30-25; the top five passing teams are 41-14. The message, this season at least, is build up your offense and throw the ball.