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Open Thread: Conference Championship games in college football. Go Bearcats!

Today is a big day in college football. I mean, really big. And the University of Cincinnati is in the thick of it. With a win over the Pitt Panthers, the Bearcats win the Big East, an automatic bid to the BCS and wait for colossal upsets for a National Championship game. If they don't make the National Championship, aaasome project that the Bearcats will play the loser of the SEC Championship game. Awesome. Bring 'em on.

Big East: UC at Pitt. Noon on ABC
SEC: Florida at Alabama (in Georgia) at 4PM on CBS
ACC: Georgia Tech at Clemson (in Florida) at 8PM on ESPN
Big 12: Texas at Nebraska (in Dallas) at 8PM on ABC

If you're watching today's great slate of college football, come back and talk football.