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Chad's Sombrero Celebration

Last week, Chad Ochocinco (I don't like typing that anymore) joked about the passing game opening up a little more, and lo and behold, it did.  At least for him. Chad finished with nine catches for 137 yards and a touchdown.  To wit, Carson Palmer finished the game only throwing for 220, meaning over half of his production came courtesy of "Esteban," who, in an effort to appeal to our Hispanic Bengal fans, lived up to one of his many namesakes by donning a sombrero and a matching poncho to celebrate his TD grab.

Good times for those of us who have been missing Chad's touchdown celebrations (guilty).

No doubt a fine will be handed down from Roger Goodell and his crew later this week.  Anyone want to make a guess on the amount?  I'm saying it will be more the $50K.

Speaking of unpleasant financial situations, starring our talented wide receiver, Chad is also being sued for apparently defaulting on a car loan.

The player was sued Friday in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court by Daimler Chrysler Financial Services, accused of not paying for his 2008 Dodge Challenger.

Ochocinco bought the car Aug. 12, 2008, using his former name, Chad Johnson.

He paid $55,5487.35 for the vehicle but put $20,000 down on it, getting a loan for $37,975 for the car he bought from Northgate Chrysler Jeep.

The suit accuses him of being in default on the loan, having paid $3,200 on the car in 13 months.

It claims he owes $34,709.72 on that loan plus 15 percent interest annually from Sept. 10, 2009, likely the last payment the company received on the car. His monthly payments are $847.11.

So that's why he legally changed his name from "Johnson" to "Ochocinco." Finally, the truth comes out. All so he could defraud on a car loan. For shame.  Granted, Chad could probably pay that $35 or so thousand with one of his game day checks, so I'm not sure why he wasted his time defaulting.

Oddly enough, the news of Chad's automotive financial "trouble" also sheds light on him and Marvin Lewis discussing smart ways to invest money during HBO's Hard Knocks.  Obviously, Chad not only needs a financial adviser, said confidant should also be adapt in total account management.