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John Thornton quickly becoming favorite of CincyJungle; Henry in Cali-forn-i-aye with Palmer and Houshmandzadeh

+ This is why I like John Thornton. He points out that Walker offers suggestions, but rarely details anything after that.

Apparently his opinion of the Bengals isn’t too high.  He thinks its time to part ways with TJ and Chad and start over.  I don’t totally agree with his assessment. But that’s his opinion. I wish these guys would detail what plan of action they would take. Like let TJ go and play the young WR’s?  Then trade Chad and get more picks and draft Defense?  What would James do?  That would give more credibility to their statements and I wouldn’t view it as Bengal bashing.

Thank you. I'm not going to say that I've followed this model 100%. I may have suggested something, and left it at that. However, when we make suggestions on CincyJungle, we try to detail why we're making them, and what they should do as a result. That's just good commentary. We're not saying we're better than anyone else either -- we're just like any team-specific blog out there. But we also don't believe in blind suggestions without following that up with a reason, an alternative, and possibly a direction that follows. It just looks petty.

It's also Thornton's comment about Walker that made us smile.

I was going to mention that Walker doesn’t talk much about the Bengals but I didn’t wanna seem like a homer. I mean, he only has four teams to cover……seems like he only covers two.

Thank you! Yes, Thornton has become a quick favorite of Cincy Jungle and now we suggest that he sticks around Cincinnati so we all can blog like brothers of a different... nevermind.

+ It can be confusing sometimes. Joe Reedy's piece that headlines "Benson is team's top priority" was referenced by ESPN's blog network. James Walker cites it, and his take is "I'm not so sure the Bengals are convinced Benson is the sure-fire answer. It will probably come down to the price tag." Isn't that generally the case? Anyway. One could be confused with Reedy's headline. In one aspect, it could be referenced that he's the top priority by the Bengals and their objectives. Another aspect is that Reedy is making his own list (a good list too), and titled with a confusing headline (though in the newspaper business, I'm not sure if he's the one that headlines the articles).

Gil Brandt runs down the drills at the Combine.

Joe Reedy is in Indianapolis for the first day of the Combine, and will update his blog. I made the mistake of staying in the Cincinnati area where patches of highway were shutdown due to ice. Then I drove north into Dayton, where the highway was dusted in, well, a dusting.

C. Trent is in Indy too.

Combine schedule for NFL Network and

There are six University of Cincinnati Bearcats at the Combine.

How will the breakup of T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Chad Johnson affect their individual stats?

Chick Ludwig still hopes that Chris Henry is sent packing after his two-year contract expires after this season.

Speaking of Henry, he's currently working out in California with Carson Palmer and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Impressed? I'll answer for you. Yes.

Speaking of Houshmandzadeh, Bleeding Green Nation projects him into the Eagles lineup.

Mocking the Draft has a database of other SB Nation site's mock drafts. If you want to do a mock draft, you're all more than welcome. We'll get yours in that database.

Bengals are not expected to put Chad Johnson on the trading block.

Someone else expects the Bengals to draft a wide receiver (sigh). Perhaps they should read this.

Carson Palmer is the seventh best quarterback in the past 10 years, so says Bleacher Report.