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Monday morning links and notes

Paul Daugherty finds people that are going to renew their season tickets, and he says that nothing will change. I'm still looking for this sheet that stated if you don't feed the Mike Brown machine, that things will become rosy with 20 general managers and 1,315 new scouts.

Speaking of which, any news on Randy Mueller?

WDR takes credit for merchandise sales being down.

I've made it clear that I don't find "lists" useful, unless you're talking depth charts, records, performances, etc.; that includes listing worst announcers. mocks the Bengals picking up Everette Brown -- and compares him to Dwight Freeney.

The team is now talking to the agents of Cedric Benson and Stacy Andrews.

Bengals should focus on the offensive line in the draft.

Every year, we're reminded of Stanley Wilson's "cautionary tale".