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Detroit Lions to cut Jon Kitna; sign him back to Cincinnati?

Cincy Jungle writer Mike Boyd asked if the Bengals should re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick. Personally, I'm indifferent either way, though I acknowledge that he was "getting it" towards the end of the season when Cedric Benson was eating up rushing yards.

However, an interesting backup quarterback topic is surfacing. The Detroit Lions are on the books for a $1 million roster bonus for another quarterback, once the new league year begins. As a result, the Lions are going to release Jon Kitna to avoid paying that bonus, which would make the former Bengals quarterback an instant free agent.

You already know where I'm going with this, don't you? Mike pointed out in his piece that 2008 was a good learning experience in terms of having the right backup quarterback. Kitna, to me, was always the right backup quarterback, who mentored Carson Palmer for three seasons. Not only that, but Kitna left the Bengals in 2005, and they've gone 8-8, 7-9, and then 4-11-1 since. Of course, we're not suggesting the team went downhill after Kitna's departure, though we love spinning things that way sometimes to benefit our positions.

Like Washington, what can it hurt to have Kitna back? If you don't like the suggestion, then who should be the team's backup? Furthermore, who should be the team's backup quarterback that won't lead the league's worst offense?