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Andre Smith a case of idiocracy; Bengals haven't interviewed red-flag offensive tackle

The strangeness of what's going on with Andre Smith is a head-scratcher, for sure. First, Smith came into the Combine out of shape. Then he disappeared causing a stir and a "search party" seeking the offensive tackle. The player and his agent, Alvin Keels, says that there was miscommunication with combine officials; a damage control excuse that others aren't buying.

"If I had the chance to do it all over, I wouldn't have handled it the way I did," Smith said Saturday afternoon in his first public comments on the incident. "I should have told my group leader that I was leaving, and I didn't. I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers or step on any toes. I didn't mean to grandstand anyone at the combine. That was not my intention at all, and I apologize for my mistake."

Keels took some of the blame saying, "It was an obvious miscommunication. Even I can shoulder some of the blame for the mishap. But Andre is focused on getting ready for his Pro Day and showing teams what a good pro he will be."


Sources later said Smith's interviews with teams have been going horribly. He's been inappropriately dressed and has been giving a number of conflicting statements as to why he was choosing not to workout at the combine. Several offensive line coaches have already suggested Smith be removed from their team's draft board and there's no doubt his draft stock is falling.

So, sudden AWOL, terrible interviews, out of shape, all equals to stock falling horribly after Smiths' suspension during the Sugar Bowl for violating team rules, surely throwing up flags against a prospective top-five contract.

However, as some Bengals fans that figure that Smith is surely to get drafted by the Bengals because of this weekend's events, Carlos Holmes points out that Smith is one of the tackle prospects that they didn't even interview.