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Owner's IQ Test

What does the "Wonderlic Test" really mean when accessing NFL talent at the combine? There has been much debate on player results and impacts on teams, most notable Vince Young. Does a players IQ translate to results on the field? If you look at results and averages the offensive linemen are the smartest guys on the field according to Paul Zimmerman's "The New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football" scores for each position. A person can draw many conclusions. Here are the average scores by position:

Offensive tackle-26 Center-25 Quarterback-24 Guard-23 Tight End- 22 Safety-19 Linebacker-19 Cornerback-18 Wide Receiver-17 Fullback-17 Halfback-16

I encourage everyone to go take the "Wonderlic Test", the internet is filled with practice test. Take the test and see how you stack up. In the meantime I want to address the creation of an IQ test for owners. Particularly our own Bengals owner Mike Brown. If players are subjected to basic IQ tests it seems only right that an IQ test be give to the owners as well. So here is a start to what I like to call the; "Whatiflic Test":

1. When a player goes on TV or radio to complain about their contract what response is best?
a. Give player what they want
b. Trade player immediately
c. Listen to demands
d. Fine player for detrimental team behavior

2. When negotiating a contract with a potential player what two items below should possibly keep the team from signing said individual?
a. Active in college community
b. Solid college numbers at position
c. Member of sorority all-drinking team
d. Felony conviction

3. Which draft scenario listed here benefits both the owner and the team: 1) Seven mid-range talented players and negotiate contracts averaging $2.5M. 2) Draft two top-range players with average contracts of $5M and five late mid-range draft picks with $1M average contract?
a. 1
b. 2
c. Undecided

4. When a player comes to the sideline and begins to argue with the coaching staff, this is a sign of what? (Choose all that apply).
a. The coach has lost his hold on team discipline
b. The player puts his personal value & stats ahead of the team
c. The player cares & is arguing to get the ball to the "open guy" rather than himself
d. Arguing on the sideline is critical to team improvement & is acceptable behavior

5. If the team as an organization has struggled for many years what changes below would be applicable to team improvement?
a. Rely on team coaching a college all-star game & attending the NFL yearly college combine to access talent
b. Hire a general manager with solid NFL experience
c. Add more college scouts to better access draft talent
d. Develop a winning mentality that will inspire fans

Creating this test opens the door to other possible IQ test in the future; like the "Holdoutlic Test" , the "Franchisetaglic Test", and, of course a personal favorite, the "Pissedofffanlic Test". Bloggers please add more potential questions and test your ability to test the Bengals ownership.