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Looking at safety; what about Jason Brown; Pat White?

The Bengals defense is looking into possibly drafting a cornerback, and using him as a safety with good coverage skills. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised. I figured of all the units that were the strongest, it was our secondary, at least from the perspective that we have the pieces in place. However, I won't complain if they draft defense, building on last year's showing. Just surprised.

Matt Birk. Jeff Saturday. Jason Brown?

Question: Would you draft Pat White as a wide receiver, which would also secure a backup quarterback? There's options with a guy like White. Just a thought.

Do teams really care about character? Guess what? No mention of Cincinnati.

Is the spread offense in college hurting the NFL?

Hobson talks about wide receivers, then makes a good argument against bringing Jeff Saturday to Cincinnati.

Peter King becomes baffled at driving "through" Cincinnati.

When you drive from the Greater Cincinnati Airport in northern Kentucky to Indianapolis, which I had to do because of late travel-arranging and astronomical air prices in and out of Indy, an oddball travel thing happens. In the first 28 miles of the drive, you travel on I-275 and I-74 from Kentucky to Indiana back to Ohio and then back to Indiana for the long last leg.

Chick Ludwig points out the obvious. Too many clubs fall in love with workout warriors.

Back in 2006, during an open locker room session in Cincinnati, Bengals backup quarterback Anthony Wright pulled me aside and said a college player’s performance on film during his career should be the most important part of the draft evaluation process. That’s when a player proves if he can play at the next level or not.

Sadly, too many scouts fall for “Workout Warriors” — guys like Akili Smith, who look great in shorts and 7-on-7 drills, then go out and show they can’t play on Sunday’s at 1 p.m.

Dhani Jones tackles the world.